>  Reduce Time During Payroll Testing
>  Increase Accuracy and Reduce Risk
>  Eliminate Manual Spot Checking
>  A Proven Repeatable Process

PayMatch® has been certified as an Oracle Validated Integration, which ensures Integrated Functionality, Data Integrity and Security for mutual customers.

PayMatch cut our payroll testing time and applying tax updates by at least 75%.
-Colonial Pipeline

PayMatch cut our payroll testing time in half. It reduces employee overtime and reliance on temporary staff.
-Lubrizol Corporation

PayMatch, a SkyBridge Global, Inc. product, automates testing of your entire Payroll, reducing time and increasing accuracy. Payroll testing is a must during tax updates, upgrades, conversions, organizational changes etc. In fact, many of our customers use PayMatch to reconcile Payroll during every pay cycle. It is a proven, repeatable, fast and efficient way to test Payroll instead of spot checking and running sample reports. PayMatch is an easy-to-install bolt-on to PeopleSoft HCM 8.9-9.2.

  • Routine Payroll Validation – Compare the current pay period to the prior pay period to identify significant changes in employee paychecks. Use this process as your regular payroll audit routine and have confidence that errors are being caught before the paychecks are distributed.
  • Implementations – Use PayMatch® when first implementing PeopleSoft Payroll, or when converting a separate organization from any payroll application to PeopleSoft Payroll.
  • Upgrades/Updates – Use PayMatch® to verify that the upgrade or update process did not inadvertently affect payroll processing.
  • Tax Updates – Test more than the expected changes introduced by a tax update. Verify that no unexpected payroll changes occurred to your payroll by quickly testing 100% of employees’ paychecks.
  • Annual Benefits Enrollment – After processing your open enrollment benefit changes, compare the first payroll of a new year to the last payroll of the prior year. Make sure there aren’t any surprises!
  • Time Reporting Changes – Any time you change the way you capture and report time, use PayMatch® to validate resulting payroll data accuracy

• Reduce Work Effort – Compare entire payroll registers automatically in minutes
• Reduce Risk – Quickly get a handle on all payroll discrepancies during testing. Essential resource for Audits and Fraud Detection.
• Increase Confidence – Efficiently test 100% of your paychecks, no surprises.
• Cross-functional – While PayMatch® was originally developed to assist the Payroll department, it is increasingly being used by HR and Benefits Departments.
• Familiarity – PayMatch® is built in PeopleTools and does not impact delivered functionality or data.
• Easy Install– Single Application Designer project file and SQR.

• Customized adaptors can be created to facilitate the compare from 3rd party payroll systems such as Oracle EBS, ADP, Ceridian, SAP, Workday, et al. Essential for customers converting from a legacy system to PeopleSoft or from PeopleSoft to a replacement payroll application.
• Adaptor requires Payroll extract files to be created which are then used as input to the PayMatch® adaptor.

Our existing PayMatch® customers, including Siemens, Macy’s, SunTrust Bank, and Emory University, have reported experiencing reductions in their PeopleSoft Payroll testing times by as much as 85%.


Security Blanket

“PayMatch helps us stay SOX compliant. It’s our payroll team’s security blanket.”


Reduce Overtime

“PayMatch cut payroll testing time in half. It reduces employee overtime & reliance on temporary staff”

Ease Tax Updates

“PayMatch reduces our payroll testing by 85% each time a tax update is applied”

Time Saving

“PayMatch cut our payroll testing time and applying tax updates by at least 75%”
“The PayMatch tool has been invaluable during our Tax Update Implementations.  Having the ability to compare all tax, deduction, and earnings changes prior to applying new Tax Updates provides our business with an excellent comfort level that would otherwise be quite difficult to attain.”
“FSU actively uses PayMatch during all of our tax update testing.  It has quickly become a valuable tool and an excellent return on investment.  The SkyBridge support team is always swift to respond to any questions that we might have with easy communications and proficient customer service.  We will be starting our HCM 9.2 upgrade later in 2015 and we look forward to having PayMatch available to us for the first time during an upgrade.”

Lorrie L. Harvey
Director, ERP – Human Resources, Florida State University

“PayMatch is a superior product to use.  We used it during our database consolidation and it saved a tremendous amount of time during testing to validate the data.  It is also used for testing before and after payrolls of all tax updates.  Highly recommend.”

PeopleSoft Director
Large National Retailer

“For our ever changing environment, Paymatch is a critical automated analysis tool for acquisitions, tax updates, and business process changes that impact payroll.  It is used by the 3 countries we support (US, Canada, Mexico).  No other tool provides the level of compare as Paymatch. PayMatch reduced our Payroll testing time by more than 50%” 

Rosemary Stephenson
Business Analyst, Payroll, Siemens

Great Customer Service

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help.  We eagerly await the next release and hope to see the enhancement allowing us to analyze by pay group using the PayMatch application directly.  That said, I’d like to share the success you’ve helped us attain by going above and beyond providing us with the work-around of a query.  I was able to use the query results, create a template which included a macro to mimic the results (Compare Results-Summary) provided currently in the system.  This contribution has reduced the audit process for our team by 75%!!  This is more than significant.  I can’t thank you enough for your time and effort to ensure our success.

Navistar uses PayMatch for auditing, testing system changes and also extensive testing during system upgrades.   We feel it is an extremely useful product that has saved us a tremendous amount of time.

Thank you for providing us with exceptional customer service.

Marie Narvaez, Navistar


Can't Live Without It!

“We use PayMatch for all our Tax Update and Maintenance Pack testing.  Not sure we could get the work done without it!”

Stephanie McAtee
Director of Payroll, McLane Co.

“PayMatch is a superior product to use. We used it during our database consolidation and it saved a tremendous amount of time during testing to validate the data. It is also used for testing before and after payrolls of all tax updates. Highly recommend.”

PeopleSoft Director
National Clothing Retailer


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